Economics for Non-Economists (Scotland)


Two Day Workshop Programme:

This two-day programme of workshops will introduce and explain the concepts and tools of economics in the context of UK and Scottish economic policy. It will teach participants a number of economic principles, furnishing them with a set of tools to enhance their analytical ability and to enable them to work more closely with economists and policy advisers. Applications and case-studies will be presented alongside the theory; participants will be encouraged to relate these to the work of the Scottish and UK Governments and other public sector agencies. The approach is discursive and participatory and will be set in the context of current economic policy and global economic conditions. The implications of Brexit will be discussed.

The content of the programme is sufficiently flexible to allow discussion to develop within the group.


After the two days of workshops, participants will be able to

• Identify and understand key concepts and tools of macroeconomics and microeconomics.

• Understand and explain how markets work and why they fail.

• Understand and explain the drivers for government intervention and policy options available.

• Demonstrate understanding of the drivers of economic inequality and explore possible remedies.

• Understand economics content in the media, in reports and in other non-specialist contexts.

• Demonstrate a broad understanding of the theoretical framework and empirical evidence that informs current policy and public debate.

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Course Summary:

  • Duration: 2 Days
  • Price: £515 + VAT
  • Dates: 24-25 October 2016
  • Code: MAMAC

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Delegate feedback


speach-markI think the teaching was excellent - a great balance of discussion and presentation - a seemingly relaxed and discursive format, but which was clearly carefully structured and prepared.


speach-markThe presenter was excellent. She had a really engaging style and allowed the group to interact well. She never ended a debate for the sake of sticking to the schedule."


speach-markProfessor Wride came over as an expert of her topic and encouraged lively debate. But also well capable of controlling it so that time wasn't wasted."