Economics of Taxation

This programme consists of five 'Masters-level' modules. Participants will gain a detailed knowledge of the theory, general principles and key concepts of taxation. Leading academics cover topics in saving, work decisions, corporate financial policy, international issues, VAT and excise, externalities, inequality and redistribution, and tax evasion.

Each of the five modules are complimented by 2 hour tutorials to reinforce the key principles and bring together the learning.

Each module Duration: 1 Day

For further details on any of the modules, please contact us.


Module 1:

1. General principles and key concepts
2. Optimal Taxation

Module 2:

3. Taxation and Savings
4. Taxation and Work Decisions

Module 3:

5. Corporate taxation, investment and corporate financial policy
6. International issues in corporate taxation/

Module 4:

7. VAT and Excise duties
8. Externalities and taxation: Environmental and transport taxes.

Module 5:

9. Inequality, redistribution and taxation (including wealth taxation)
10. Tax evasion, avoidance and compliance.

Plus 5 Tutorials (2 hours each)

Course Summary: 

  • Duration: 5 Days, plus 5 two hour tutorials (dates are not consecutive)
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  • Code: ETAX

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