GSR Communicating with Ministers and Policymakers: Giving Analysis Impact

Course aims:

To help government social researchers to –

  • Contribute to, and influence effective policy-making through clear, concise and precise written communication
  • Explain their specialist and technical knowledge, analysis and findings clearly and with impact
  • Communicate clearly with non-specialists, especially ministers, and
  • Where necessary, prepare themselves for assessment-centre exercises

This is a very practical two day course and regularly achieves an 'Excellent' rating from 100% of the delegates. It is designed to help social researchers to communicate technical, complex, detailed, and abstract information simply, precisely and briefly to others (whether Ministers, managers, other officials or the public). It covers oral and written communication and teaches how to write quickly and effectively for readers who are not researchers and have precious little time in which to grasp often complex ideas. You will have the opportunity to practice Oral Briefings and Written exercises, which are used as part of Government Social Research recruitment and promotion panels. Designed with GSR, this intensive course achieves consistently excellent feedback. At just six delegates per tutor, it provides individual, detailed hint, tips and guidance specifically for GSR members and Researchers.

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Course Summary: 

  • Duration: 2 Days
  • Price: £745 + VAT
  • Dates: 22 - 23 May 2018
  • Code: SRCMM

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Delegate feedback


speach-markReally enjoyable and challenging course.A very good mix of presentations and activities. I will be recommending to others!


speach-markA very enjoyable two days – thank you!


speach-markAll the course content was excellent. I really liked the practical assignments given.


speach-markLots of content but nothing irrelevant or not useful. Amount of practical exercises was excellent.


speach-markGenuinely, everything was useful. Two days was just right (and I usually say that two days is too long!). It had a good pace and very good tone. The tutors had a good sense of humour, which helps!


speach-markGreat breadth, depth and facilitation. A really useful course which is very applicable and enjoyable. The content covered everything I hoped. Thanks!


speach-markThe tutors were great! Very knowledgeable and friendly.


speach-markExtremely relevant and delivered in a way that was easy to understand and encouraged application of what you had learnt throughout. I would recommend to my colleagues.


speach-markI attend numerous courses where I sit there and don't really learn anything. This course has been excellent and the trainers were fantastic.


speach-markDue to the level of participation and oral briefing exercises, it's important for the trainers to make people feel comfortable, and they did.