Behavioural Policy Appraisal

Cost benefit analysis (CBA) lies at the heart of policy appraisal in Government and increasingly for the voluntary sector too. For CBA to be useful in informing resource allocation decisions, we need to accurately measure all the causal impacts of the policy and to attach a monetary value to them.

The findings from behavioural economics have important implications for how we appraise policies and for how we carry out and interpret CBA. Taught by the Chief Academic Advisor on Economic Appraisal to the Government Economic Service, this one day course takes the latest developments from behavioural economics and applies them to how we measure and value the impacts of interventions, policies and programmes.

This course is intended for:

Government analysts and policy advisors who are involved in developing CBAs and impact assessments for their policy areas.

Charities and the third sector who need to make the most effective impact with their resources

Those who wish to use CBA to make an effective business case

Those interested in wishing to understand the latest advances in CBA, assessing social impacts, and discussions around the Green Book

Course structure


Part 1: Cost-Benefit analysis

  • Introduction to the theory of CBA

Part 2: Measuring policy impacts

  • Problems with standard approaches (e.g. market research)
  • Accounting for context – the MINDSPACE way
  • Using experiments to assess policy
  • Lab
  • Field (live testing)

Part 3: Measuring value

  • Preference-based approaches to valuation
  • Revealed
  • Stated
  • Problems with preferences
  • Subjective wellbeing
  • Different measures
  • Monetising wellbeing
  • Problems with subjective wellbeing

Part 4: Wrap up and recommendations

Course Summary: 

  • Duration: 1 Day
  • Price: £430 + VAT
  • Dates: Please contact us
  • Code: BPAC

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