ONS Economic Statistics Training - A series of courses

At the 2015 Summer Budget, Professor Sir Charlie Bean was commissioned by the Chancellor of the Exchequer and the Minister for the Cabinet Office to carry out an independent review of UK economic statistics. The high-level recommendations made by the report were to:

  • address established statistical limitations
  • become more agile in the provision of statistics that properly reflect the changing structure and characteristics of the economy. One of the specific recommendations here relates to the new research centre
  • refocus the culture of ONS towards better meeting user needs
  • make the most of existing and new data sources and the technologies for dealing with them. This includes recommendations for use of admin data and for the creation of the data hub
  • become better at understanding and interrogating data
  • strengthen the governance framework so as to help support the production of high-quality economic statistics

To support these aims, the Economic Statistics Working Group was set up; comprising nominees from the Royal Economic Society (RES), the Royal Statistical Society (RSS) and the Office for National Statistics (ONS). The group has a remit to improve capability in economic statistics and are introducing a programme of activities aimed at improving quality and understanding.

The working group has initiated a programme of training courses, aimed at policy makers, economists, statisticians, analysts and those working in finance and business. The courses are open to government, academia and the private sector. Each will involve 2-3 days on aspects of economic measurement. They will be delivered by leading researchers and trainers in the field. EML Learning is managing this programme

The first training course in the 2017/18 programme is National Accounts. This 2.5 day course course will run from 20th – 22nd September. It will be delivered by François Lequiller, who was previously the head of the French national accounts and has a wide international experience. Francois has taught this course previously, with excellent feedback. The course has been designed for non-specialists and is delivered in a lively and engaging manner, whilst covering the theoretical definition of the main national accounts aggregates.

This course would be suitable for policymakers, analysts, statisticians and private sector participants with an interest in the topic. No previous study of the topic is assumed. Economists with some knowledge of national income accounting, who wish to increase their understanding would also be welcome. 

For more information on the courses or to register your interest in upcoming dates, please do get in touch.

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National Accounts: 20-22 September 2017

The course is based on the second edition (October 2014) of the OECD manual "Understanding National Accounts" by François Lequiller and Derek Blades. The manual is available free on line: http://www.oecd.org/std/understanding-national-accounts-9789264214637-en.htm . The course is voluntarily directed to non-experts. While it covers the theoretical definition of the main national accounts aggregates, it does it in a lively manner based on the concrete experience of the teacher. François Lequiller has been the head of the French national accounts and has a wide international experience (OECD, IMF, Eurostat). Please click here for more information


Understanding Data and Basic Statistics: November 2017

The purpose of this practical two day workshop is to present an overview of manipulations of data that are often required prior to statistical analysis. Topics will include dealing with outliers, combining data from different sources, calculating annual average growth rates, weighting and smoothing data and constructing indexes.  It will also cover basic statistical methods used in describing data such as measures of central tendency and dispersion, correlation and the use of dummy variables in regression analysis.  

The workshop will involve practical exercises on computers using both Excel and Stata.  It will include an introduction to Stata for participants not familiar with that programme.  The exercises will use examples based on data on earnings of workers and on productivity at the industry level. 

January 2018 

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March 2018

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Course Summary: 

  • Dates
    National Accounts: 20-22 September 2017
    Basic Stats Skills: November 2017
    Prices: January 2018
    Inequalities: March 2018
  • Location: Central London
  • Price per course:  
    Standard rate £750 + VAT
    Students £125 + VAT*
    Concessionary rate (ONS Staff, RSS Members, RES Members and Academics) £500 + VAT

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*student travel and accommodation reimbursement may be available, subject to an application process. Contact us for more information