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Our 'Economics for Policy Advisors' course is listed as a Government Priority on their list 'pick of the best'. Click Here for more.    

ONS Economic Statistics Training  

EML is delighted to be working with the ONS, RES and RSS to introduce a series of new Economic Statistics courses. Click here for more information.   


Welcome to EML Learning.

We're experts in delivering specialist professional training of the highest quality to the public, private and third sectors. We use leading academics and experts to teach the latest developments in their fields of expertise.

All our courses are accredited or quality assured by our strategic partners, professional bodies and stakeholders. Our courses are designed to enrich learning, share knowledge and enhance skills. All courses are highly participatory, engaging and interactive.

Every course can be provided in-house. We will ensure the course content is tailored to your specific needs.

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About EML Learning

EML is well placed to run analytical and qualitative courses that meet the needs of departments across government. We have provided courses for all government departments and have tailored courses for many. We have also provided courses for arms length agencies and non-departmental public bodies. Our lead tutors work closely with government departments, in many cases providing advice in their role as Chief Academic Advisor...Read More About EML Learning

Candidate Course Feedback

  • Testimonial1

    The tutors were both wonderful! Friendly and laid back, they created an encouraging environment. I wanted to do well!

  • Testimonial2

    Presenters were fantastic. I particularly appreciated the individual feedback on the exercises. 

  • Testimonial3

    The written feedback was brilliant. It's one thing to sit and listen but another to apply it. It was exactly what I needed and what I was hoping to get!

  • Testimonial4

    Course was very clear and engaging. It was welcome that it started at a basic level to refresh core ideas.

  • Testimonial5

    Spot on. Really good. Content and speed just right.   

  • Testimonial6

    Everything was excellent. Tutor was really engaged and clear.

  • Testimonial7

    Very good course! Excellent tutor, knowledgeable and balanced!   

  • Testimonial8

    Excellent course, really strong structure and good use of evidence. Very good tutor.    

  • Testimonial9

    This was a good course and covered my learning goals very well. There was a good range of theory and empirics.  

  • Testimonial10

    The Professor was an expert of her topic and encouraged lively debate. But also well capable of controlling it so that time wasn't wasted.

  • Testimonial11

    I really like the idea of the text book and online course. The book is clearly written which is really welcome.

  • Testimonial12

    Good value for money! One of the best courses I've attended and excellent value for money (it is economics after all so had to be!).